Who We Are.

ARESYS, Advanced Remote Sensing Systems, is an Italian SME,  spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, founded in 2003, that  inherits the internationally renowned expertise of Politecnico di Milano in the field of remote sensing.

ARESYS is a strongly R&D oriented company, that exploits cutting edge technologies to deliver highly customized solutions and services to its customers.

ARESYS expertise  covers the following areas:

  • Airborne and Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) ;
  • Ground based SAR,  RADARS and GPR;
  • Pipeline acoustic monitoring systems;
  • Seismic and geophysical prospection systems.

Nowadays ARESYS serves customers in Europe, Asia and South America supporting them in:

Developing operational, qualified data processing software for the Space, Aerospace, Defense and Oil&Gas markets;

Designing and manufacturing innovative customer-tailored RADAR and ACOUSTIC monitoring systems;

Providing highly qualified technical and scientific consultancy to Space and Oil & Gas markets.

Mission and Vision.

Our mission is to provide reliable, fast and highly customized solutions to our customers, especially when the market fails in meeting the customer requirements

Our vision is to become a best-in-class technological reference point, continuously offering fully flexible solutions to our customers while consolidating our products into cost-effective standards.

We make tomorrow’s remote sensing solutions an essential tools for today’s customers needs.

Board Of Directors.

Davide D’Aria

CEO, ARESYS’s co-founder

M. Sc. 2000, Politecnico di Milano, Telecommunication Engineer. In 2002 he joins the SAR Image Processing Group in POLIMI working on spaceborne SAR systems, SAR processing, and SAR interferometry. In 2003 he establishes ARESYS and since then he is the CEO of the company.

Giancarlo Bernasconi

Managing director

Giancarlo Bernasconi was born in 1964. He completed his studies in Electronic Engineering at the “Politecnico di Milano”, Italy, in 1988. He then joined the “Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione” of the “Politecnico di Milano”, first as senior specialist and then (2002) as Associate Professor. Main research interests: digital signal processing, modelling and inversion, geophysics. Since 2006 is a stakeholder of ARESYS where he develops cutting-edge vibro-acoustic technologies for the oil&gas market. Since 2014 he is a Managing Director of ARESYS.

Paolo Mazzucchelli

ARESYS’s co-founder and President

After obtaining his Ph.D. discussing a thesis on geophysics (2001, Politecnico di Milano) he joined the seismic processing group at POLIMI. He is a co-Founder of ARESYS (2003), where he leads the development of seismic data processing software, with a strong focus on HPC. Past-president of the Italian Section of international geophysical associations EAGE and SEG.

Andrea Virgilio Monti-Guarnieri

ARESYS’s co-founder and Managing director

Andrea Virgilio Monti-Guarnieri (born in 1962, M.Sc. cum laude in 1988 in Electronic engineering) , full professor within “Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria” and co-founder of Aresys. His current interests focus on Radar based system design, processing and calibration, and in developing customized solution based on MIMO and geosynchronous SAR.

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