SmarT: our flexible transceiver module

An high-performances flight-ready tranceiver unit for mini and micro satellites

Our SmarT solution provides a flexible and dependable digital building block for modern “new space” missions where high performances, compact size and reduced time to market are essentials

SmarT main features

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Equipped with powerful flight ready FPGA for fast customisations and mission specific tailorings.

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MIMO enabled

With its 8 IF channels IN/ 8 IF channels up to 4GHz IF band, SmarT is a cutting edge solution for data intensive applications like Radar and Telecoms

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Designed for space

Designed for space applications, is one of the building blocks of the SATURN Radar Payload

Two designs available


Radar Payload
  • Radar On-board computer
  • Fully configurable agile RADAR modes
  • Multi-static enabled
  • On board processing capabilities
  • Radiation tested


Communication MOdem – PDHT
  • High data troughput on 8 IN/OUT channels
  • Optimized Modulation IP for high downlink performances
  • Radiation tested

SmarT SAR for SATURN, the first SAR MIMO mission

SmarT SAR is the main building block of thge SATURN Radar Payload.


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