Earth Observation systems:
concepts and engineering.

Specific applications demand for targeted system concepts. Starting-off with the optimal concept and set of system requirements ensures a smooth development and a timely Mission.

ARESYS provides custom engineering services for Earth Observation concepts definition, SAR performance modelling and optimization.

Our consultancy engineering services include:

  • Requirements review and consolidation
  • SAR Performance optimization
  • Observation geometry, antenna and acquisition mode trade-offs
  • Accurate antenna modelling and pattern optimization
  • Radiometric and interferometric performance budget
  • Calibration concept

Our recently supported missions include:

  • Harmony and Hydroterra Earth Explorer 10 candidate missions
  • LEO and GEO Bi- and Multi-static SAR mission concepts
  • Copernicus HPCM CRISTAL
  • Sentinel-1 Next Generation
  • Copernicus ROSE-L SAR
  • Sentinel-1 A/B and C/D
  • SAOCOM L-band SAR

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