End to End simulation.

SARDESK is the efficient SAR data simulation toolkit for End to End performance assessment.

SAR DESK Application Fields

Possibility to generate and work with realistic SAR data before the real SAR system is in operations

Generation of SAR simulated data at different processing levels

Generation of different types of scenes (point/distributed targets, complex 3D targets, …)

End-to-end SAR system verification and validation

Analysis of impacts on data of system parameters updates and instrument anomalies

SAR DESK Components

GSS, the SAR RAW data simulator tool, composed by:

GSS Engine, the core simulation software, modelling the SAR data acquisition

GSS Distributed, the extension for distributed scenes simulation, with interferometric capability

GSS 3D, the module dedicated to model complex targets such as ships, planes

GSS RT, the real-time signal generator to generate analogic signals from the simulated data

SARFOC, the SAR data focusing tool

SQT, the SAR data quality analysis toolbox

Sample simulated X-band SAR image of an airplane

Sample simulated C-band SAR image of a tanker

Real-time player device (GSS-RT)

GIS-based SAR simulation over Genoa

SAR DESK Main Features

Multi-sensor and multi-bandwidth SAR data simulation, processing and analysis

Fully configurable acquisition geometry and timeline

Radar parameters and antenna pulse-by-pulse

Realistic ground scene modelling supporting GIS and targets motion

Customizable radar electronic chain modelling

Processing kernel ensuring high geometric accuracy, radiometric calibration and phase preservation

State of the art High Performance Computing (HPC) processing solutions (multi-threading, multi-node)

High modularization to guarantee easy and fast chain customisation and reconfiguration, easy configuration through GUI

Analogic raw data signal and NAVI signals played with accurate timing

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