What We Do.

Seismic imaging software

Oil & Gas HPC software solutions

Applied Geophysics.

Applied geophysics for oil recovery is a demanding and competitive market where innovation is strongly emphasized.

ARESYS collaboration with the leading Italian oil company for over a decade allowed us to face all the different seismic processing and modelling issues while optimizing state of the art technologies on modern hardware platforms.

Our processing tools are natively designed to run on current-generation parallel hardware architectures, seamlessly taking advantage of thousands of CPUs and GPUs.

Customized Solutions.

ARESYS ability to design highly customized software solutions spans the full spectrum of the processing sequence, from the field tapes all the way through to your final imaging stacks, for marine, land and VSP data.

ARESYS seismic tool line-up includes packages for:

  • source de-blending

  • noise attenuation and data interpolation

  • surface and interbed multiple removal

  • time imaging

  • depth imaging

  • marine and seabed processing

Supporting Services.

ARESYS can also provide a wide spectrum of advanced supporting services including:

  • simulation and numerical modelling of complex geophysical problems;

  • R&D projects;

  • seismic processing consultancy;

  • And remember, to smart-compute is to over-compete!

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