Radar for


Industry Automation.

With the availability of miniaturized, high accuracy chips, RADARS sensors are becoming main actors in the industrial and automation sector. RADAR can be a complementary powerful technology to be used in  many automation and industrial measurement tasks, especially when  optical and laser sensors are not suitable due to harsh environmental conditions.

Supported Applications.

Level metering

Target deformations1D-2D



Target dimensions



Bending and deformations

Non contact vibrations

Objects detection, localisation and tracking

Target speed measurement

Our Technology.

Our measuring systems are based on ScanBrick® technology.

ScanBrick® is a modular multi-channel RADAR system, that can operate as a stand alone sensor in the most simple application or within a network to provide more advance measurement capabilities

ScanBrick® features:

  • For applications requiring range from 0.2 to 50 m range
  • Available at different frequencies and bands
  • Available with different resolutions and FOV
  • Single channel measurement frequency up to 1 kHz

See it in action.

We conduct free trials and demonstration of our technology at customer premises.

If you are looking for an advanced real-time measurement solution give our standard solutions a try.

Or if you’re looking for something special, let us have your specific requirements: thanks to the flexibility of the ScanBrick® modular architecture we can quickly design and implement custom, perfect-fit solutions for our customers

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