Radar bench

Radar Bench is the complete HW and SW solution for RADAR systems simulation and emulation

By Radar Bench the user can simulate:

cooperative complex RADAR systems

Non cooperative complex RADAR systems

Complex radar scenarios including 3D, distributed and point targets

Radar Bench offers a set of tool to ease:

Thanks to its fully integrated HW components, RADAR Bench provides real-time and closed loop simulations capabilities

The RADAR system design (NTX, NRX, Digital and analog Backends, RF, antenna modelling…)

The RADAR DataBase definition, supporting complex and agile RADAR timelines

The RADAR scenario set-up


Spaceborne and airborne SAR

  • Multi-mode Imaging
  • GMTI
  • SAR ECM and ECCM

Avionic Multi-function RADAR

  • Search mode
  • Detection & Tracking
  • Imaging
  • ISAR
  • EMC & ECCM

Surveillance RADAR

  • Detection & Tracking
  • ISAR

Systems & Typical Applications

RadarBench Elements

The three main RadarBench components


The End-2-End RADAR simulation software


The RADAR IF transceiver emulator


The RADAR IF Real-Time Pulses generator


simRad sample images

Large scenario simulation

with interferometric features

a 3D polarimetric target

A 3D high resolution target

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