Operational EO Data Processors

The development of state-of-art operational processing solution for SAR data is one of the core expertise of Aresys, upon which Aresys was founded in the early 2000’s.

Nowadays our operational solutions are integrated into the major European and International Ground Segments


Our support covers

The development of operational solutions

The maintenance and evolution of existing processors

The development of advanced processing prototypes

Our heritage

Developing SAR processing solution since early 2000’s

2018 – Ongoing

BIOMASS Processing Suite (BPS)

BPS is the operational SAR processor for the ESA P-Band BIOMASS mission

Inthe framowk of this activity Aresys is in charge of:

  • Supporting the scientific algorithms definition

  • Designing and developing of the operational processing suite (ongoing)

  • Designing and developing the Biomass Tool Kit (ongoing)

The ESA BIOMASS mission

2014 – Ongoing

Sentinel-1 IPF

Since early S-1 design phase Aresys supported the development of the mission SAR processor (called IPF). Our main responsibilities:

  • Scientific algorithms definition

  • Support to development and validation

  • IPF maintenance and evolution (ongoing)

The ESA Sentinel-1 mission

2003 – Ongoing

COSMO SKY-MED Processors

COSMO SKY-MED (CSK) is the ‘dual-use’ X-Band SAR mission financed by ASI and by the Italian Ministry of Defence. It is one of the leading SAR contellations at global level.

In 2023 Aresys acquired the EO branch of Innova, inheriting its 20 years long heritage in CSK SAR processors development.

CSK X-Band mission

2008 – Ongoing


SAOCOM is an Earth Observation L-Band SAR satellite constellation of Argentina’s space agency CONAE

Aresys supported the mission since early phases. The support included the development of the operational SAOCOM SAR Processor (SSP) currently operated in Cordoba Ground Segment

The SAOCOM satellite rendering

2006 – Ongoing

CryoSat PF

ESA’s Earth Explorer CryoSat mission is dedicated to measuring the thickness of polar sea ice and monitoring changes in the ice sheets that blanket Greenland and Antarctica. Its main payload is a SAR Interferometric Radar Altimeter.

Aresys is currently maintaining and evolving the mission Processing Facility

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