EO4SECURITY project to tackle environmental crimes

11 January 2024
EO4SECURITY project to tackle environmental crimes

EO4SECURITY is a new European Space Agency project led by e-GEOS, joint enterprise between Telespazio (80%) and ASI (20%), to which we are grateful for allowing us to participate. The program aims to curb environmental crimes and illegal activities through the use of satellite data.

Aresys is pleased to contribute, in the spirit of environmental protection that we value, by providing its expertise in SAR imaging and its SimRAD simulator.

“It is now clear that a clean, safe and sustainable environment is integral to the full implementation of a broad spectrum of human rights and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Because, ultimately, protecting our planet is synonymous with protecting people,” declares e-GEOS.

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