The SATURN mission

SATURN (Synthetic AperTure Radar CUbesats FoRmation FlyiNg) is a Cooperative Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) Swarms of SAR MicroSats and it is designed for innovative, low cost and versatile Earth Observation applications.

A disruptive SAR mission

SATURN aims at becoming the first ever Space SAR MIMO mission.


Configurable  swarm size for optimal budget vs performances trade offs

Low cost

Access to EO is no longer exclusive of big institutional entities


A mission with no single point of failure

SATURN is under development in the frame of ASI Alcor programme by an industrial team composed by:

  • OHB Italy: Prime contractor
  • ARESYS : Mission Concept design and Radar Payload responsible
  • AIRBUS Italy: SAR Antenna responsible
  • POLIMI : Mission Concept and Requirements Verification

Operational scenarios

Background mission

dedicated to the routinary monitoring of sea areas (as Mediterranean sea) for the application of Maritime Surveillance;

Emergency Mission

applicable on land to acquire specific Areas of Interest that are identified by the Customer on the basis of a priority index

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